Lease or Buy?

Finding The Right Options For You

At The Honda Way, we can help you make difficult decisions like deciding between leasing or financing. It's not an easy decision and you want experts who can give you all the information you're looking for.

Book an appointment today with our experts. In the meantime, take a look at this quick recap of the various benefits of each purchasing solution.

Benefits of Financing

  • No mileage restrictions
  • The car belongs to you and its maintenance is, therefore, an investment
  • You can modify the car as you please
  • More affordable in the long run
  • The best option if you want to keep your vehicle for a long time

Benefits of Leasing

  • More affordable monthly payments
  • Easily replace your vehicle every two or three years
  • No depreciation
  • More advantageous if you use your vehicle for work

We look forward to meeting you today at The Honda Way.

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Certified Lease Return Centre

Explore Your Options with Our Specialists

1. Return your leased Honda to The Honda Way in Abbotsford.

2. Are you coming up to the end of your lease? Contact our Honda Certified Professionals today to discuss your options. Call our Finance Department today 604-857-1430.

3. We recommend getting in touch with us 6 months to a year before maturity, as this will allow us time to take advantage of the most aligned incentives for your future needs.

4. Credit Specialists: The Honda Way is partnered with 18 major lenders, giving you flexibility and freedom to secure your loan the right way. If your credit has changed since you started your lease and you have concerns financing your buy-out, contact The Honda Way Credit Specialists, guaranteeing the most competitive approval. Call The Honda Way Finance department today 604-857-1430.

Your Lease-End Checklist:

1. 2 complete sets of keys and a valet key (if applicable)

3. Owner's manual(s)

3. Service records

4. Vehicle registration (ownership)

5. Detailed receipts for completed repairs (if applicable)

6. Key for Locking Wheel Nuts (if applicable)

7. All equipment and accessories that came with the vehicle

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